Sunday, October 9, 2011

Puddles of Disappointment

I never really cared much for pudding when I was a kid. I liked crunchy things. It's just like how I never liked soft cookies; I prefer the crunchy, crispy kind. But something possessed me to make pudding today, so I did.

I realize now that I still don't like pudding. If you can even rightly call this pudding... it didn't set up well. It was supposed to be butterscotch but it didn't taste like butterscotch. I was rather disappointed.


  1. Aw. Sorry about your pudding failure. Every now and again-- like once a year or less-- I will think oh man I want some pudding. And almost without fail, when I'm eating it, I realize oh yeah, I don't really like pudding. So your post made me laugh a little in recognition.

  2. i'm sorry it didn't work out, but sometimes it's nice to know other people have kitchen fails.

  3. I'm sorry your pudding didn't work out. We didn't grow up eating pudding like that (pudding for us means Christmas pudding) but we did have dairy treats that are similar to American pudding. I like the idea of them but they must be hard to make at home.