Friday, October 14, 2011

Muckin' Around

It rained again today. I love rainy days, but every day this week so far has been rain. Boo!

On days like this, I get the urge to throw a bunch of ingredients from around my kitchen into a bowl or food processor and see what comes out of it. Call it an effort to relieve myself of boredom or some supernatural power of rain, but this always happens.

Sometimes I get good results. Sometimes I should probably be less of a mad scientist and more of a baker. But lets not talk about bad things. I'm all about the good right now.

I decided I haven't made enough bread lately (yeah right!) and I figured I couldn't go wrong with something chocolate.

In this case, I think it needed more flour, and probably some baking soda, so I won't be posting a recipe until I do another trial or two. Just know that there is chocolate and coffee. And mushy ripe bananas. And some more chocolate.


  1. I love rainy days for baking too but rain all week can leave you feeling a bit house-bound for sure!

    Your chocolate banana bread looks good to me!

  2. the texture looks super awesome though!