Saturday, October 15, 2011

Chocolate is Good for the Soul

(Ignore the terrible photo, it's still dark and rainy!)

Please keep me away from chocolate. I must be on a chocolate high. It's getting a little ridiculous. First I made the chocolate loaf from yesterday's post, then I made these raw chocolate ganache tortes, then I bought an organic dark chocolate bar, and now I'm looking at black bean brownie recipes. Yeah.

These are a little sad-looking, I know. I probably should have made them in a small loaf pan, as suggested (I used an 8-x8-inch because one just happened to be on my counter) so that they would be taller but they are so incredibly delicious, that I won't complain this time.

My only change in the recipe was using cacao powder in the filling because I ran out of cocoa powder, and I left out a tablespoon of agave. They were very sweet, but I won't complain about that either since I love anything rich, sweet and indulgent. A lot.


  1. I'm so with you! I haven't been able to stop eating chocolate for the past three days or so. I have five different flavoured chocolate bars in my fridge right now and I keep peeking in to steal a little bit of each one every couple of hours or something. It's insane.

    These sound pretty good though. The pictures don't matter. The chocolate matters! More chocolate! well, not for me.

  2. I know what it's like to get chocolate cravings! The brownies look great, I've always wanted to try some with black beans but it's on my "still have to try" list ;)

  3. I always love your pictures, Alicia. and if you ever find a way to stay away from chocolate, please, for the love of everything sweet, teach me how.

  4. Me oh my! These things are right up my alley. I eat dark chocolate every. single. day. It's a rule in my house that you must consume your body weight in chocolate each year.