Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just Experimenting

My original idea was to make raw 'butter' tarts.

I used to gobble those sweet, gooey pastries like no one's business when I was a kid which is probably why I was overweight. They were always at family picnics and get-together's, and I made a bee-line for them every time. My parents used to buy these big trays of them from the gorcery store and I always grabbed one or two after dinner. Saying I love them is a bit of an understatement, I hope you understand.

I actually haven't even touched one for years, probably because I made myself sick of them. Also, ya know, the whole butter and egg ordeal that kinda makes them not vegan. Shucks.

Now these are just something I made to try to indulge my mom (will report on that later), who is a lover of all things pecan. I personally don't even care for sandwich cookies. Anyway, I'm calling them Raw Maple-Cacao Pecan Sandwich Cookies (it's a mouthful, I know).

I realize maple syrup is not raw. I've seen it used in some raw food cookbooks, though, so I thought I'd be ok here. Besides, I only used a little bit—maybe a tablespoon in the entire recipe—because a little goes a long way with maple syrup, I find.

I wish I had a tea party or some event I could bring these to. I would love to host a vegan tea party! Bite-sized goodies are the best because they're just so cute and irresistible. Perfect with a cup of tea or almond milk—whatever you fancy.

Curiously, I end up eating more this way. Oops!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Cookies for Anxiety

Growing up, I had a lot of trouble fitting in.

I've been thinking a lot about the past and although I'm sure this isn't an uncommon feeling, I was trying to figure out why I had such a hard time.

I felt really out of place when I was a kid, and I still do. And I'm wondering, how is it possible to feel this way within my own age group? Should there not be more commonalities between my peers and I? Ten years down the road and I realize only a handful of my friends are my age, I'm constantly surrounded by and associating with older people at work, and I'm developing tendencies strangely similar to my dad. The last one may or may not have anything to do with this.

What I'm getting at is I really seem to connect with people five to ten years older than myself, and so I feel older, too. I'm anxious and I can't help but feeling time is running out and I need get my act together and accomplish something before I'm too old to do the things I want to do. Whatever those things are.

I forget that I'm actually still quite young.

I have time. I need to breathe. And make some cookies.

While these were in the oven, and I was peeking through the oven door (see? anxious.) I was feeling particularly bitter. It's probably because Valentine's Day is tomorrow and I have no one to share these cookies with.

Shouldn't I have met someone by now?

It doesn't make sense to be having a quarter-life crisis seeing as how I haven't reached my quarter-life yet. I'm not even the type who yearns for a partner. I've always been ok with being single. Even on Valentines day, even at Christmas. These kinds of thoughts only cross my mind once in a blue moon.

If you have a special someone, I hope you will both enjoy tomorrow. If not, well, it's not the end of the world. Besides, you are probably like me and are younger than you feel, or your time just hasn't come yet. Either way you still have time to meet people. Right? Right.

And, in either case, making a batch of cookies is never a bad idea. I used this recipe with homemade strawberry jam and then drizzled some chocolate over top. I'm so festive. Cheers!