Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just Experimenting

My original idea was to make raw 'butter' tarts.

I used to gobble those sweet, gooey pastries like no one's business when I was a kid which is probably why I was overweight. They were always at family picnics and get-together's, and I made a bee-line for them every time. My parents used to buy these big trays of them from the gorcery store and I always grabbed one or two after dinner. Saying I love them is a bit of an understatement, I hope you understand.

I actually haven't even touched one for years, probably because I made myself sick of them. Also, ya know, the whole butter and egg ordeal that kinda makes them not vegan. Shucks.

Now these are just something I made to try to indulge my mom (will report on that later), who is a lover of all things pecan. I personally don't even care for sandwich cookies. Anyway, I'm calling them Raw Maple-Cacao Pecan Sandwich Cookies (it's a mouthful, I know).

I realize maple syrup is not raw. I've seen it used in some raw food cookbooks, though, so I thought I'd be ok here. Besides, I only used a little bit—maybe a tablespoon in the entire recipe—because a little goes a long way with maple syrup, I find.

I wish I had a tea party or some event I could bring these to. I would love to host a vegan tea party! Bite-sized goodies are the best because they're just so cute and irresistible. Perfect with a cup of tea or almond milk—whatever you fancy.

Curiously, I end up eating more this way. Oops!


  1. mmm! both of these look awesome! I'm glad to see that you are busy experimenting with raw treats too - woohoo!

    I used to eat too many Cherry Bakewell's and egg custards as a kid (I was pretty overweight too). Oh and swiss rolls (I should try making some raw swiss rolls, that'd be rad).

    I am interested in how your mum liked those sandwich bites - do let us know! :)

    1. Yes, raw treats are so fun!

      Oh, raw swiss rolls. Yes, please do go right ahead and I would gladly be your guinea pig. I also used to love those!

      She said they were delicious. Success! She also said the butter tarts tasted like actual butter tarts, though I didn't really think so... oh well!

  2. Lovely! Will you be posting either of the recipes? The butter tarts look especially delicious.

    1. Hi Ruby! Sorry to get back to your comment so late, but to answer your question, I'm not sure if I will be posting the recipes just yet. I would like to tinker with them just a little.

      I had comments that they tasted like butter tarts, but I was not sold, myself. I have a feeling that they taste like butter tarts because I told people they were... one of those mind tricks. I could be wrong... I'm not usually this much of a perfectionist, haha!