Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Unfortunately, I Haven't Been on Vacation

I've been neglecting this blog as I have been working a lot and haven't had much inspiration with food lately. Let me update you on what has been happening with me since my last post (in the form of bullet points, because I love bullet points):

  • Work, work, work = money, money, and very little time for play;
  • I have been incorporating a larger amount of raw food in my diet, mostly because I got a dehydrator for Christmas and I want to get lots of use out of it, and;
  • I realized I've gained a bit too much weight since the summer and I've decided to cut down on the sweets!
Well, I was trying to cut out the sweets. I have good intentions. For awhile, I just ate fruits to get my sweet fix, but let's just say that's now over. Hah! I'm so weak.

Now that I finally have some time off work I have time to muck about in the kitchen, snack a lot while I work, make a mess of my kitchen floor, and break my spice grinder. I'm a little confused on how that last one happened.

I'm calling this a Mini Raw Apple Cheesecake Pie. It started out as any ordinary raw apple pie but then I ended up with a cheesecake-like filling. Bye, traditional apple pie.

I just threw things into the food processor so there is no recipe. I remember what I put into it, just not the quantities, so here you go:

Crust: oats, apple, cinnamon, ginger, raisins
Filling: cashews, dates + some soaking water, apple, cinnamon, raisins


  1. You know, the more you post, the more commonalities I seem to notice between us. Very odd!
    Looks like I'm not the only one who has been working a lot, lately (and yeah I admit it, I guess I did purposely neglect my blog too). And, I also got a dehydrator for Christmas. Oh, and I gained a bit of weight from eating christmas chocolate too so I'm trying to lose that.
    I'm serious. We're like the same person right now.

    A large part of my diet is mostly fruit, but not because I need something sweet. I just digest it better. I wouldn't really consider myself fruitarian, though it probably seems that way.. I'm guessing I'll be having to do a post of my daily meals, since a few people have asked me about it now. MAN.
    I'm too lazy.
    It's already hard enough for me to post recipes.

    And I'm with you - I much rather prefer throwing things in a blender or bowl and not writing down the measurements. I like being spontaneous. The beauty of making something twice without the exact measurements is that it doesn't taste the same twice. I love that.

    ANYWAY. Enough blabber. I guess I got excited to see you post :)

  2. We are clearly long lost twins reunited by veganism and food blogs. Now that you say you have a dehydrator I will be expecting recipes coming out of it from you! Haha yeah I'm always on the lookout for dehydrator recipes. Love that thing.

    I eat mostly fruit too! But that's just because I prefer sweet things. Yes you should do that whenever you get the motivation to do so! I find those kind of journals interesting. Not being a creep, but I just like to compare meals with people. Is that weird?

    No, please blabber on! Heaven knows I'm a blabber mouth, myself. xD

    1. Oh great, don't put that kind of pressure on me! haha (Yeahhh, I guess I'll try and come up with some dehydrator recipes)

      I really like sweet things if they're naturally sweet. When I eat something with the added sugars I feel sick to my stomach. I do eat chocolate with cane sugar sometimes but it takes me a few days to finish a chocolate bar.
      It's even hard for me to watch people eat things with added sugar actually! I saw this teenage boy gulping down some Mountain Dew a couple days ago, and I swear, I felt all weird and dizzy. I also felt like stealing it so I could empty it out. But I wouldn't do that :)

      blabber blabber blabber

    2. hhehe of course I wouldn't want to put pressure on you. Yet. Once things calm down for you, thennn I will nag. :)

      That's interesting. I commend you for keeping away from unnatural sugars as much as possible, though. I grew up on too many sweets (ugh) and I think I'm a sugar-aholic now. Ack!

      Replace the fizzy drink with one of your yummy green smoothies and he might just thank you! Mmm bananas and spinach and stuff. Hah!

  3. Oh I do like sugary things. But if I have one sweet thing it dictates my whole day - I just want to eat sweets all day. But if I stick to the natural sugars that doesn't happen.
    I love chocolate though. Big weakness. And I too, grew up with lots of sweets. If I was good, I would be taken to the corner store and given a pound to buy a bag of 100 penny sweets :)

    I think that kid would throw up at just the sight of one of my smoothies. Probably like I want to do at the sight of Mountain Dew.