Thursday, December 1, 2011

Let it Snow!

Happy December!

After months of wondering when it was going to happen, snow finally arrived here yesterday. I was afraid it would never come. I'm so relieved.

I'm in the spirit for the holidays now. I need snow to get me started and on my merry way, so now I'm totally ok with playing my Christmas music and deck(ing?) the halls now.

For this month, I have a few things planned to keep my oven busy. I will be sharing, of course! 'Tis the season, and all.

For now, I have no recipe for these bars. I actually forget how I made them... as I took this photo back in October. All I remember is that they were full of chocolate and coffee.

Yeah. I will work on that memory thing, I promise.


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  3. Heyyy! Look who's posting! I missed seeing you on my dash :)

    I have watched the movie Elf three days straight this week, and every time I watch it, I absolutely have to make paper snowflakes and hang up decorations. So my room has been covered in Christmas stuff since Monday. That movie was meant for me! It makes me smile.
    I wish it would snow here! I love snow. I'm not sure where you live, but here in Washington we usually only get a little dusting. Though, last year we had a huge storm and I got stuck out in it.

    I look forward to seeing these recipes of yours too!

    (Man, I've commented twice now! I keep making spelling mistakes! sorry for all this, honestly! haha)

  4. Isobelle! Oh man, don't be sorry, I had a laugh seeing this in my email. Aw thanks, I missed posting as well.

    No one believes me when I say this, but I actually have not seen that movie. *hides from flying snowballs* I will rent it this year, I swear.

    I'm just north of Toronto, so usually we get quite a bit of snow. Last year we even had it in October! Stuck in a snow storm... it probably isn't as fun as I am imagining right now, is it?

  5. What!? Yeah, I'm not believing you either. Rent it now! (or whenever you can..) :)
    There's a part where Elf stays up all night making paper snowflakes and decorating a toy store. It looks incredible afterwards. It's inspiring!

    Toronto, as in Canada? I really have no sense of direction or knowledge on the whereabouts of other places. I get lost a lot.
    But I would love to have snow in October. Actually, when I lived in Massachusetts for a while we got a bunch of snow in October. It was awesome!

    And no, getting stuck in the snowstorm was no fun. People in Washington freak out when there's snow and drive like crazy nutters. I was stuck with my car.

  6. I shall! I tried making paper snowflakes awhile ago... and totally failed. Maybe Elf will teach me how to do this properly.

    Yes, that's right. Ha ha I'm the same way, to be honest. I often find myself walking around downtown with no idea where exactly I'm going. I can never remember which way is north, south, west or east, either... this is a problem.

    Yay I'm so glad you are a snow-lover like me! I can't believe how many people dislike it, at least here. It's so magical and... awesome!

    Oi, yes that does not sound good. Snow must do that to everyone because people go crazy here too. And it's like... aren't you used to this by now? Seriously.